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FrankBurns: GO TRUMP!!!!
Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:43 pm
HTML_Rulez_D00d: It's okay Pail. It gave me something to do...
Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:56 pm
LunchPail: Sorry Jack about the old site, I always liked it.
Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:16 pm
HTML_Rulez_D00d: Old forum gone, bye...
Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:25 pm
LunchPail: Well, hi Ronnie!!
Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:37 am
Ronaldo: oh Hello!
Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:57 pm
Wed Oct 26, 2016 10:56 am
HTML_Rulez_D00d: lol
Sun Oct 23, 2016 5:03 pm
LunchPail: I guess it's Syn, Jack and I then.
Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:03 am
Synister: Nope. I check.
Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:37 pm
HTML_Rulez_D00d: Yeah, I noticed that Pail.
Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:08 am
LunchPail: I guess it's only you and I Jack that check the forums everyday.
Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:23 pm
HTML_Rulez_D00d: Who is this Dragon you speak of? Taj, at least tell your dad to stop by and say hello.
Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:43 am
SpyrusNViware: Welcome Max and Tajek. Didn't expect to see Tajek here. Geez, even Dragon plays consoles now. They have their place, but FPS is not their place.
Fri Oct 14, 2016 12:08 am
HTML_Rulez_D00d: Glad you made it over here Max and everyone that made it.
Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:55 pm
LunchPail: Good to see ya here Max!
Wed Oct 05, 2016 9:19 am
Mad-max: hii all changed servers i see??
Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:49 pm
Tajek: Yeah I started Blops 2 on pc (still have it too) but it seemed like not many people were playing it and I had lots of friends playing it on ps3 so I decided to switch over and just never went back
Sat Oct 01, 2016 11:39 pm
HTML_Rulez_D00d: Black Ops 2 is great on PC. So many wall hackers though. You have to find that and youtube it again, hahaha...
Sat Oct 01, 2016 10:02 pm
Tajek: Even I moved to console during BlOps 2. But with Cod4 remaster coming, it's time for me to rejoin the pc world. And I completely forgot about that footage xD Not sure if it still exists
Sat Oct 01, 2016 9:33 pm
HTML_Rulez_D00d: Hey Ron, you guys left me hanging the other night.
Sat Oct 01, 2016 7:36 pm
HTML_Rulez_D00d: Hey Tajek, how have you been? Yeah, Taj's old man moved on to console. Hey, you still have that cod2 gameplay of Spy? I would love to watch that again.
Sat Oct 01, 2016 7:32 pm
Tajek: I would, but he still doesn't have a functional pc
Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:09 pm
LunchPail: Taj, get your old man to come on here.
Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:35 am
LunchPail: Tajek, nice to see you have registered.
Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:34 am
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